Jin Park

Comparison of Life Between NYC and Seoul

Copied from http://fuseki.net/home/ComparisonoflifeinPiscatawayNewJerseyKochiJapanandZhuzhouChina.html

I thought this was a cool/easy way to compare two places I’ve lived in.

Category Bayside, NY Dogok-dong, Seoul
Age when I lived there Middle school, high school and post college Late 20s - now
Years Early 2000s, early 2010s Mid 2010s - now
Population (estimate) 49,341 22,887
Status Almost a suburb of NYC while still being in NYC Rich suburb-y feeling part of Seoul
Feeling Quiet, older folks with a large amount of Korean immigrants Rich people and people who move here because the girl’s HS nearby is really good
Food Bayside Dogok
Food Bell Blvd has a lot of decent local restaurants. More “ethnic” food started moving in when I started moving out. Mostly catering to office workers and some date spots.
Local Food Decent pub food nearby and good, cheap pizza. Not much cheap local food. Decent lunch options for office workers. Very nice bakery nearby.
Available Foreign Food Greek, Korean, Chinese-American Chinese-Korean, Chinese-American, fancy Italian, bad Vietnamese
$1 gets you… McDonalds or half a pizza slice Maybe a snack from the supermarket?
A soda is … $1 $0.75 - $1.50
A dinner date (w/o booze) $50 $30
Ordering Waiter comes up to you and you order. Yell at the middle age lady that you’d like to order or just yell your order into the abyss
Drinking on the Street Not allowed but people get around it by using the brown bag trick Allowed but public drunkenness is uncommon (during the day)
Bicycle Usage Uncommon Uncommon for normal people, but rich people ride $3000 bikes for fun