Jin Park

Favorite Anime of 2017

I made a small vuejs project to showcase some shows I liked in 2017.

I glued together a few libraries and bashed together some code and it looks pretty nice! I did not use vue-router or even vuex. Just standard vue, some libraries and surge for deployment.

A few things I found,

  1. vue-test-utils is very nice but unfinished. It makes it fairly difficult if not impossible to cleanly test your mounted functions.
  2. vue-cli makes it rediculously easy to start a project. Its like create-react-app but you can still change your webpack configs!
  3. Debugging is fairly easy with the vue chrome extension but not as easy as react.
  4. Single file components with scoped css is awesome.
  5. There were a lot of fun anime this year!

Check it out at 2017-anime.jinpark.net Code available at github