Jin Park


A lot of these projects were done just for fun. Lots of cruddy code, lots of interesting code, lots of fun code!

Share Your Pokemon Go Team!

I tried to ride the Pokemon Go wave. A way to share your pokemon go team with your friends. Take in a screenshot of your pokemon go team page and returns a sharable webpage to show your friends. Uses OCR to figure out what pokemon you have.

Flask with redis as storage. Uses PIL to cut up the screenshot and tesseract as the OCR engine. Code available here

Something Sunshine

A podcast run by two coworkers, Bobby and Ahnmin, where they discuss their favorite films, music, television shows, and videogames

Django webapp and API with a custom jQuery HTML5 audio plugin, iOS and Android app written in ionic/angular leveraging html5 audio. Django code available here and ionic code available here

Tell Me About Coffee

A small site that scrapes and organizes third wave coffee roasters to easily sort and search for similar coffees. Worked with Billy to develop the site.

Flask running on Google App Engine using their whole ecosystem (db, cron, logging, etc) with Semantic UI for the frontend. Code available here


I love the Simpsons but Simpsons World (from FX) is so, so slow. This is a small (personal) web app for viewing simpsons episodes. Keeps track of history, random videos, screenshots and gifs (with subtitles).

Ruby on Rails for the website and API with ffmpeg in the backend for gif and screenshot creation. Frontend using semantic-ui and videojs. Apple TV app written with TVML and TVJS. Encoding backend written about here.

Django Girls Seoul Organizer

Co-organized two Django Girl Workshops in Seoul. There were over 400 applicants for the first event, over 30 coaches and caused a big splash in the developer community in Korea.

Continued the workshop with weekly meetings and lectures for beginner programmers. Created a small curriculum to learn about python and web programming.