Jin Park

Restoring My Mac (Again)

My Macbook Air M1 had some charging issues that required a logic board change so that meant that I needed to reinstall everything again.

This is not the first time I had to do a full reinstall so this time I could mostly find and install the stuff I needed in a few hours.

This is both my work and personal laptop so it will have both work and non work related software.


  1. Google Chrome
    1. Extensions
      1. ublock origin (adblock)
      2. 1Password (password management)
      3. Google Dictionary (translation and definitions on highlight)
      4. Pinboard Plus (bookmarks)
      5. Stylebot (Custom styling)
      6. JSON Reader (Formatted JSON rendering)
      7. Reddit Enhancement Suite
  2. Firefox (Secondary test browser)
  3. Opera


  1. Visual Studio Code
    1. Extensions
      1. ElixirLS
      2. Markdown All in One
      3. Docker
  2. iTerm2
    1. ohmyzsh (formatted ZSH shell)
    2. powerlevel10k (prettier zsh)
    3. asdf (version manager)
  3. Postgres.app
  4. Postico 2
  5. Docker
  6. Homebrew
  7. Wireguard (Work VPN)


  1. IINA (video playback)
  2. Handbrake (Video Conversion)

Social Media/Chat

  1. Ferdium (Social Media Aggregation App)
    1. The Lounge (Custom IRC)
    2. Telegram
    3. Discord
    4. A few Slacks
  2. KakaoTalk (because I’m Korean)


  1. 1Password (Password Management)
  2. Tailscale (Custom VPN)
  3. Authy (2FA)
  4. Maestral (Open source Dropbox Client)
  5. Transmit (FTP/SFTP/S3 Client)
  6. Arq Backup (Backup software to Backblaze B2)

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