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Toocki USB-C PD Chargers

When GAN chargers became more common place, I bought one to bring with me in my bag instead of the huge 100w brick that they give you with the older intel macbook pros. Even though the charger wasnt 100 watts, the fact that it was half the size and half the weight made me love it. I used a Baseus charger for a while until I broke it by mistakely plugging it into itself during a vacation. I bought a few different chargers in the past few years to keep at my place and to keep as an extra in a bag and they worked great for me so far.

I am using the chargers for my macbook air m1 and my iphone se 2020. I keep one in my backpack along with a usb-c pd 100w cable and a 60w usb c and lightning multi cable. I use the 65w one in my main backpack, 40w one next to the bed, 100w one at my work desk.

I initially had a Baseus one but found that Toocki chargers looked the same while being cheaper. I took a chance on one and found that they worked fine with no issues while being extremely inexpensive for their quality. I paid between $10 - $17 USD for each of these chargers through aliexpress with free shipping. I am based in Korea so your prices might vary.

65w toocki1

I initally bought the 65w 2 usb-c 1 usb-a charger, which was very similar looking to my previous baseus charger but at about half the price. The charger works exactly as you expect, using only the main usb-c port gives you full 65w charging, if you use both usb-c ports or 1 usb-c and 1 usb-a, you get about 45w on the main usb-c port and 18w or 20w on the second port. Using all three gives you 45w on the main, and 9w on both the secondary ports.

The other chargers work in a similar way. The main port providing the bulk of the charging throughput while the other ports give a slower charge when the main one is used.

40w toocki2

100w toocki3

I had no big issues with the 100w and the 40w chargers. The only thing I would recommend to watch out for is that they get very hot. This is definitely less of a problem with more expensive chargers, (anker and apple) but I see this as a __ due to the price and the fact hta I havent had any issues with any of the chargers so far.

I also suggest pairing the chargers with a few 100w usb-c cables from aliexpress as well. I havent seen any issues when comparing them to apple cables while charging my macbook.

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